Process Joy | Fear | Desire | Guilt | Sadness | Disgust | Delight | Anger

CYHMN? A collaborative installation by Stephen Carley and Anna Mawby working with curator Andrea Hadley-Johnson.

A mixed-media, anthropological framework.
Experimental and participatory.
Joy, Fear, Desire, Guilt, Sadness, Disgust, Delight and Anger.

Two exciting years of intricate planning, development and collaboration. A period of studio time that felt like a creative research project.

“For far too many people the art gallery door remains a block they never get past. But we know that the great efforts going on between galleries like Derby and local schools are doing a lot to break down this barrier, such that a new generation will escape the sound bite, narrowness of much of the popular media. In this case, CYHMN, bridges that gap. Between them, the artists and the curator have carried out a snapshot census of feelings at a moment in time.” — Keith Hayman. Review 2012.

“There are points of recognition to be found as one moves along, however most of the work is open ended, so we are left hovering between material, text and signifiers. Disembodied statements, like snippets from a diary, are drawn, carved or sewn onto everyday objects, reflecting our urge to project onto things, or give things material form. The pairing together of text and object has implications, a mattress, a record player or cracked mirror can be read in a variety of ways. Thoughts, feelings and ideas are displayed, bottled, or left as traces in salt. The pleasure is gained from translating these messages.” — Lesley Guy. Review 2012.

CYHMN? was installed and exhibited at Derby Museum and Art Gallery between March and June 2012.

Exhibition Review