IN SIDE OUT ran June 4th - June 8th 2012.
It was a joint studio exhibition / experiment between نظام تجارة السيارات خيار ثنائي Stephen Carley and Keith Hayman.

source url A silent demo, lost signs and messages from the undergrowth, words in neon, a stairway to nowhere, a found shopping centre, totems and shrines...

طريقة البيع والشراء في الاسهم السعوديه The following documentation is work and text by الخيارات الثنائية يعيش غرفة التداول Stephen Carley.
For information about Keith Hayman's part of IN SIDE OUT vist سعر ذهب صنع ٠ي البحرين ٠ي سوق السعودبه IN-SIDE;
Studio installation - June 2012. تدوال الاسهم بنك البحرين SIDE - out;
see Headlines - Newsagents 'A' boards, Sheffield S7, S8, S11.
here Silent demo - chalk and blackboard placards. سعر الجنيه الذهب اليوم INGREDIENTS; افيدوني بتداول الفوركس هل هو مناسب Stairs and silver gilt, mirror and dust signs, meat duratrans, carpet tiles and dust, cardboard boxes and ash, party balloons, headlines for newspaper A boards, chalk on blackboard, dust sheets, embossed wallpaper, white union jack on primed canvas, clay, doormat and dust, paint and old stick, cardboard and fairy lights, post its, plaster and mixed spice, a house brick, gold leaf and bin bag, bag of stepped in shit, lead, vinegar, tears, soap, tea-stains and a tablecloth, sandpaper, scaled down artist and canvas scenario, chocolate, pork and maggots, oscillating fan, X marks the spot photograph, water on the floor.