Artefacts and Objects in St. Silas6.8.13.

From the entrance turning to the left down the side aisle

Missing plaque on the left wall.
Chest of drawers in the middle of the aisle.
Missing plaque near to chest.
Plaster fissures and cracks on the wall.
2nd window on the left with material on the bottom.
“The maid is dead” etc. plus- “Here Begin-eth” on book cover.
Empty marble like plaque on the wall with drill holes for missing plate.
Plate – Memory of John Blackwell.
Wooden plan chest with white vestments inside.
Metal ventilation grills in the side aisle floor.

Chapel at the end of the left side aisle.
Blocked off outside door.
Folded up order of service by switches outside the chapel screen.
‘Jesus the Way’ Banner.
‘I Make rivers flow in the desert’ banner.
‘God Loves you’ banner.
Several other banners rolled up.
Rotten part of the timber floor – what happened here!
Round 60s ceiling light – glass globes – 2 missing.

High Altar.
3 partly melted wax candles on tall sticks.
Cramer upright piano with missing lid.
Absence of altar.
2 carved wooden seats – dust laden.

West end of the main aisle.
Clear west window framing more windows on buildings opposite.

Hymn / prayer book cupboard plus contents over the floor.


Right Aisle.
Missing plaque on the wall.
Leaf pattern through opaque covering of broken window.
Fallen plaster on the floor and missing plaque.
Burnt pew with missing legs in the corner – covering rotten floorboards.

Main Entrance Vestibule.
Dali crucifixion – framed print.
Old radio on radiator.
Letter from Sierra Leone on floor.

Entrance lobby.
Large 1914-18 war memorial on wall lost and forgotten – (Note 100 years anniversary coming up).
Peeled away fibreboard panel over entrance to vestibule.
Entrance to tower?
Detritus, dead birds etc. on the floor.

Cupboards – doors open.
Toilet near entrance.